Steel board fence is a practical and nice fence solution.

The board fence we sell is notable for exceptional durability and longevity. Besides, it can be fenced out both vertically and horizontally. Board fence look wonderful, it can be with one or three grooves; ends can be rounded or cut at right angle. You can choose the colours of board fence from a wide colour palette – 22 colours! There is also a possibility to choose one of four coatings – PURAL, matte, wood imitation and matte wood imitation.

Board fence is firm and hard owing to profiled edges and tin thickness – 0,6 mm.

After fencing out of your fence you will not have troubles because fence needs minimal care. You will not need to repaint it, to mount it again or execute any additional works.   We invite you to come, have a look at samples and get our special offer. We will make you an estimate free of charge in accordance with your requests and wishes. You will only need to choose colour, form, density and height of your fence. We will deliver board fence, timbers and posts free of charge in Vilnius area!

Technical specifications:

Board fence:                   Timbers:                          Posts:

Thickness: 0,6mm         Thickness:1,5mm           Thickness: 1,5mm
Width:109mm                 Size:40×30                     Size:40×60
Length: up to 6 m           Length: up to 6m           Length: up to 6m



Board fence:                  Timbers and posts:

Galvanized tin,              Galvanized steel,

PURAL, 55 mic.            Powder coating.

Steel – DX53D; S220GD+Z275


RAL 3005, 3009, 6020, 7024, 8004, 8017, 8019, 9005, 9010, AluZn, wood imitation (five colours), matte coating is also possible (ask about available colours). Timbers and posts are painted the same colour as your fence.